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Pastor Tommy and Nannette Pinkerton

with sons, Hayden and Austin

          We are the     Pinkertons,

   and this is

        our story.

     It was never our desire to be senior pastors of a church, and we especially were not seeking out planting a church.  We were enjoying what God was doing through us with Souls 4 Christ, traveling and ministering around the globe.  There was no doubt that God’s hand was upon us for that purpose. 

      Our EPIC journey began when I was asked to submit my name for a senior pastorate position that needed to be filled.  I had just returned home from a 3-month trip to the Philippines

and was getting ready for my summer travels in the U.S. to begin.  I was a missionary-evangelist

not a pastor, but I submitted my name as a potential candidate.  At that time, I had no idea what was

about to take place in my heart. 


     Nannette and I began to talk and pray about the possibility of pastoring a church, where God wanted us in the next season of our life, and what the future might look like for Souls 4 Christ.  I began to have a greater burden to disciple and empower people in Christ more than ever before.  The grace for traveling nonstop began to lift. 


     Years passed.  We eventually made plans to start EPIC Community Church in Buford, but God moved us to Winder.  We made plans to launch in 2014, but we kept running into location issues that caused delays.  We kept making plans, but God had his own plans. 


     In God’s perfect timing, things began to fall into place, and people from all over the United States started moving to Georgia because God was leading them to be a part of the vision of EPIC.  Within this community that God is bringing together are countless stories of faith, struggles, and victories.  

                                                                                                              -- Pastor Tommy Pinkerton

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