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We are the Guinns, and this is our story.

Kevin, Tish, and Sasha Guinn

     As of December 2015, we had lived in Jacksonville, FL, for about five years. We planned a two-week road trip that would start in Jacksonville, travel up to Indianapolis, IN, and then return back home. Our last stop before returning to Jacksonville was the Pinkerton’s house. We were outside of Atlanta, GA, headed to Winder, when Tish made the statement, "I will never live in Georgia!" 


     We arrived at the Pinkerton’s house, spent time with them, stayed the night, and left around noon the next day. We were about an hour from their house when we begin to talk about the trip. As we were talking, we both felt the need to be near the Pinkertons to help with EPIC. We prayed about it and continued homeward bound. 


     Back in Jacksonville, we began to discuss our options of how this might happen. We put our house up for sale and started looking for a new house in the Winder area. After several weeks, we were able to secure a buyer. In March of 2016, we sold our home in Jacksonville, FL, and moved to Winder, GA.  We are both now employed by the Athens-Clarke County Police Department. Tish is an officer and I work in the IT department. We love our new house, our new neighbors, and our new church family.

                                                                    -- Kevin Guinn

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